Is the vehicle insured?
The vehicle is insured by the studio, and it should not be released by the owner until you have seen proof the vehicle has been added to their insurance/asset register

How many miles do they put on the vehicle?
You put an “agreed mileage limit” in place. If you only want 5 miles put on the vehicle whilst in their possession, then that would be the case. Should they go over the mileage, you would be compensated

How does the vehicle get to the tv set/studio?
Transportation is arranged by the studio, so they would collect the vehicle from your house and take it to the studio on a trailer

How much can I earn?
This all depends on the vehicle. A classic Mini will fetch in the region of £500-£1000 a week, whereas a Ford Escort RS Turbo could be getting in the region of £1000-£2000 a week. Exotic/Super cars will command a minimum of £5000 a week depending on the vehicle